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Making a Will is one of the most important steps you can take to safeguard the interests of your loved ones.

Many people believe that their money, property and other assets will automatically pass to their spouse and children whether they have a Will or not. This is not the case. Failure to prepare a Will means your estate will be distributed according to a set of standard legal rules. In other words, any wishes you have about who should inherit your assets will not be taken into consideration unless they are written in your Will.

Preparing your Will

The specialist Wills Solicitors at MTL Law have many years of experience advising clients on the preparation of a Will. Our Wills and Estates Team are hard-working and honest, giving clear and pragmatic advice to support you to put in place arrangements for the future. We have experience dealing with estates of all sizes, including those incorporating high-value assets and those held overseas.

We can work to put in place provisions that will ensure that:

  • Your assets are protected for your loved ones
  • Any children or vulnerable family members are cared for after you are gone
  • Your liability for Inheritance Tax is minimised
  • Assets that you wish to pass on to young or vulnerable beneficiaries are managed appropriately
  • Your Will is up to date and reflects your current family circumstances

Drafting Your Will

We can guide you on the essential issues that should be addressed within your Will, taking the time to get to know you and things that matter to you most.

While every client’s priorities will be different, most Wills will contain provisions setting out:

  • Whom you wish to act as your executor (the person that will carry out your wishes and oversee the distribution of your estate)
  • The people and causes that you want to benefit from your estate
  • Plans for your funeral
  • Any special arrangements to ensure your assets are protected – for example, you may wish property or money to be held in trust for children or grandchildren

We will ensure that your Will meets all the legal requirements to make it valid, giving you the certainty that your wishes will be followed.

Updating Your Will

Having a Will that reflects your current circumstances is just as crucial as having drafted one in the first place. Changes to your personal circumstances, such as a marriage, divorce or the birth of children or grandchildren, may mean that changes will need to be made to your Will. If your personal wealth has grown, or if the value of your home has increased, it may be advisable to update your Will to reduce your liability for Inheritance Tax. Our solicitors will meet with you and review your circumstances, advising on what changes may be appropriate.

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